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4. juli 2024

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For questions and further info about the playshop, contact Lars or Mikael
 +47 91383623 or lars@trom.no
Mikael +47 92025999 or mikael@maguti.com

About the Program

We continue the work of Arthur Hull, who has spent a lifetime traveling the world teaching people to lead drum circles through «teaching without teaching,» as he calls it. Over the years, thousands have participated and learned to lead drum circles. When you, as a leader, bring out enthusiasm, creativity, and responsiveness in the participants, you create an atmosphere of safety and liberating interaction. Everyone can drum, and to the surprise of many, a group of people who have never played together before can quickly transform into a pulsating rhythm orchestra that creates its own music. Here, everyone can find their place and develop at their own pace alongside other participants. Eventually, it is the music itself that shows the way and becomes the authority in the room.

Now that Arthur Hull has turned 75, he will withdraw slowly from his widespread travel activity, and give way to a new generation of DCF trainers. He has now handed over the DCF 3-days program to a global team of experienced DCFs from around the world. They have all worked closely with Arthur through the years, and have been chosen and trained by him (and each other) in how to best deliver the program. Arthur will still do the 6-days and 10-days mentor trainings for some more years.

We are now 32 certified trainers in this team spread out around the world. (You can read more about us here). So for the second time, the norwegian 3-days DCF playshop will be run by Mikael Khei and Lars Kolstad together. They are both native norwegians with loads of experience in the field of drum circles. Mikael operating mostly in the east of Norway, and Lars mailnly in the western part, have on either side arranged six playshops for Arthur Hull since 2003, each one co-leaded their last one with Arthur. Together and on their own, Mikael and Lars have facilitated thousands of drum circles in populations as diverse as school kids, kindergartens, business executives, groups of handicapped people, well elderly homes, festivals, personal growth groups, groups of disabled, immigrants, musicians and music teachers. The two are really excited to share their experience with you, and to help you in your development as a drum circle facilitator.

This playshop will be full of fun and might also be the most effective and educational weekend in which you have ever participated! You will likely become better at leading, and you will witness personal growth in yourself and others. The subtle, beautiful, and vulnerable space that arises when we open up and dare to enter something new is something essentially human that goes deeper than the technical aspects of the course. Many also mention new friendships they are bringing home after a playshop.

This playshop will be lead by Mikael and Lars together.

Mikael Khei
Mikael was for many years the drum-circle pioneer in Scandinavia. He is still working to make facilitated drumcircles known in all parts of society, but now happily together with Lars Kolstad in Bergen and other colleagues. Being one of Village Music Circles global trainers, Mikael has of course a long story with Arthur Hull. It includes more than 15 weekend trainings and 5 week-long training programs going all the way back to 2001.

Mikael came into music and drumming as an adult. In an African drumming workshop, something clicked and a decision to work with rhythm was made on a deep level. If you are new to drumming when you come this DCF training, you can be assured that your teacher knows what it’s like.

The instinctive connection that happens when drumming together, is one of the carrying elements when Mikael facilitate. As a teacher, he has a signature skill of bringing awareness to the moment, and by that helping the group, as well as individuals to recognize learning. In “Arthurian” terms this is called teaching without teaching.

To the trainings, and to the international community Mikael brings complementary knowledge and qualifications. He works with “kids at risk» councellors and as a “special needs teacher” in High School. He is also certified as a Taketina rhythm teacher, Biodanza teacher and NLP master practitioner. You are in safe hands.


Lars Kolstad
Lars has been doing full-time drum circle facilitation since 2004, after attending Arthurs first Drum Circle Facilitation playshop in Oslo 2003. With a background as a music teacher specialized in rhythmical music pedagogy (Rytmisk Musikkpedagogikk), he was already fairly familiar with groove as a tool for community building.

Yet learning Arthur’s philosophy of teaching without teaching opened many new doors to community building.

Today he runs a versatile drum circle business, vistiting schools, kindergartens, well elderly homes, groups of handicapped, groups of mentally disabled as well as toddlers’ groups and business executives.

He has undergone the Village Music Circles’ mentor training twice, in Scotland and Hawaii, besides achieving a certification both as a drum circle facilitator and a drum circle facilitator’s trainer. Lars also holds a master of science in music pedagogy, researching the phenomenons of the drum circle.

Lars has produced Arthur’s 6 earlier playshops in Bergen.

Play and explore different rhythm instruments

Learn powerful facilitation techniques and develop skills while gaining the confidence to successfully lead a rhythm event for a variety of diverse populations. Packed with information and hands-on experience, both beginning and experienced facilitators will have plenty of opportunities for practicing new skills in a safe and supportive environment. Upon completion of this training, you will have the ability to begin facilitating rhythm events of your own!

Enjoy this short video from our good friend John Fitzgerald:

L earn to successfully facilitate rhythm- based events
E xperience the power of community building through rhythm
A ctivate • Motivate • Empower! Rhythm for fun and learning
D iscover camaraderie and spirit playing music together

Program Content

Drum Call • Stop Cuts • Sculpting

With more than 20 hours of training, you as a participant will have ample opportunity to practice your skills. This will be useful when you later lead drum circles in various settings. We use full group teaching combined with activities in smaller groups. Feedback along the way is essential for the learning process, and you will become familiar with Arthur’s valued critique technique: What worked? What needs work? The focus is always on constructive learning and growth. Using musical instruments, movement, voice, and rhythm games, this becomes a playshop more than a workshop.

You also get a unique opportunity to build networks with former and future colleagues.

Course participants will have diverse backgrounds and experience levels, representing a rich cultural diversity. This stimulates the entire course – just as the diversity of participants in a drum circle stimulates creativity and interaction.

This weekend facilitator’s playshop is a powerful and moving experience. It is important that you, as a participant, commit to the entire weekend and are prepared for work and learning while having fun!

The book Drum Circle Facilitation: Building Community Through Rhythm by Arthur Hull is recommended reading before and after the course. It can be ordered from Adlibris or Village Music Circles.

A couple of weeks before the course starts, you will receive the course booklet, which you can look through before bringing it to the course.

Ole Bull Akademiet at Voss – our venue!

Finally, we have succeeded in finding the ideal place for our playshop!

In this rich house, we find the fantastic Osasalen; a large and sound-designed music room for our joint drum circles and our Community Drum Circle on Sunday afternoon. We also have several group rooms, a large lounge with seating areas, a large terrace, a cozy dining area, and beds for everyone in single, double and triple rooms.

And we have the entire house to ourselves – the whole weekend!

The importance of playing, eating, and living together throughout the weekend cannot be overstated. It gives us a unique opportunity to remain in the «bubble» we as a community develop through the experiences we share. It makes it easier to process and follow up on the course content, continue good conversations, find someone to jam with, or take a power nap in the room when needed.

Additionally, Voss as a mountain village is very cozy, with the shopping street 5 minutes away, Vossevangen with hiking trails and benches, and with mighty and beautiful mountainsides on both sides. We are looking forward to this!

When and where?

Friday, November 1st: 18:00 – 21:00
Saturday, November 2nd: 9:00 – 21:00
Sunday, November 3rd: 9:00 – 18:00
All days at Ole Bull Academy, Strengjarhaugen 6, 5704 Voss (see map below).
Open drum circle for course participants and invited guests on Sunday, November 3rd, from 16:00 – 17:30. You definitely should not miss this drum circle, which is part of the course! Based on our experience, those coming from afar may need to leave in the afternoon without attending this.

How to get here:

  • From Oslo:
  • Alternative 1: Train, it takes approximately. 5-7 hours depending on which departure. Recommended for the view along the ride, as well as for our environment!
  • Alternative 2: Plane to Bergen (Flesland), 1 hour. Then Bybanen to Nonneseter station, 45 min. Then local train to Voss, 1 h 15 min. This goes of course also for arriving from other locations.
  • 10 min walk from train station to the venue.
  • Prices and Registration


The Course:

  • NOK 5800 for all training, loan of instruments, and course book (You are, of course, welcome to bring your own drum + 1 shaker, 1 bell, and 1 wooden instrument for fun).
  • NOK 2900 for participants who have attended the course before (limited to 8 places).
  • NOK 3990 for students and others with low income.

Full price payment have a 20% Early Bird discount is available until August 20th.

Meals and Accommodation: We are fortunate to have our own chef who will take good care of us this weekend. This includes supper on Friday, warm lunch and dinner on Saturday, warm lunch on Sunday, as well as tea/coffee/fruit during all breaks and breakfast both days.

If you prefer vegetarian or vegan food or have special dietary allergies, please indicate this in the registration form.

Accommodation prices – total for two nights Friday to Sunday:

  • NOK 1200 per person for a bed in a triple room (9 beds).
  • NOK 1500 per person for a bed in a double room (26 beds).
  • NOK 2000 per person for a bed in a single room (5 beds).

Price for meals the entire course weekend:

Soup will be served on Friday. Breakfast is included in the room price on Saturday and Sunday. We have warm lunch and dinner both Saturday and Sunday. Payment for accommodation and meals is made directly to Ole Bull Academy upon check-in. If you have your room at Ole Bull Academy, this means you also have to have your meals here. Total 1250 NOK.

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Direct payment

  • Your place is confirmed with your full payment or a deposit of NOK 1000, or the full payment. Please mark the payment with your name.
  • Payments from Norway
    Account Number (Sparebanken Vest): 36241531583
    Reciever address: Trom Lars Kolstad, Vestre Fantoftåsen 50, 5072 Bergen
  • Bank details international payments
    IBAN Number: NO7836241531583
    Address for recipient: Trom Lars Kolstad, Vestre Fantoftåsen 50, 5072 Bergen

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